Egadi arcipelago: Levanzo

The smallest and most exquisite of the three islands, with its white houses arranged around the port it looks like a nativity scene. An unpolluted sea surrounds the island.

On the east, a short walk from the village, there is the Cala Fredda, with a small beach with clear and smooth pebbles and just a few steps away Cala Minnola, next to a pine forest with a slide into the sea and a beach. On the opposite side, a path leads to the Caletta del Faraglione, considered one of the twenty most beautiful beaches in Italy as a result of an initiative launched by Legambiente. On the other side, there is Cala Tramontana, where you can enjoy the sunset in silence.

Are you a passionate diver? Levanzo offers a very interesting archaeological underwater route. Between Cala Minnola and Punta Altarella, about 27 meters deep, there are the remains of a Roman shipwreck, with amphorae and pottery shards of black glazed pottery dating back to the first century BC. The cave art figures of men and animals painted and scratched on the walls of the Grotta del Genovese date back to the Palaeolithic era, with its obscure rites and its mysterious and wild life. The Cave is among the most interesting prehistoric sites in the world.

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